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Natasha Marsalli

10 Awesome YouTube Videos

10 Amazing Violin Performances

10 Crazy Instruments You Didn't Know Existed

1. The Theremin: the only instrument you can play without physical contact!

2. The Hardanger: an eight-string fiddle from Norway

3. The Erhu: a two-string bowed traditional Chinese instrument

4. The Gamelan: a traditional Indonesian percussion ensemble

5. The Glass Armonica: a "keyboard" made of glass invented by Benjamin Franklin

6. The Subcontrabass Flute: the world's largest and lowest flute

7. The Theorbo: a large plucked string instrument from Renaissance Europe 

8. The Laser Harp: an electronic instrument which substitutes lasers for strings

9. The Carillon: a set of huge bells- the type hung in bell towers- controlled by keyboard

10. The Digeridoo: a traditional Australian wind instrument made of hollow wood

Spider Bow High Scores

1. Lula R. (0:14)

2. Sydney W. (0:18)

3. Luxmi N. (0:19)

4. Joe L. (0:20)

Bowhold Hall of Fame

  • Abby G.
    Abby G.
  • Luxmi K.
    Luxmi K.
  • Joe L.
    Joe L.
  • Lula R.
    Lula R.
  • Sofia T.
    Sofia T.

Cool Online Resources

Seaquence: experiment with rhythms and sounds of the sea.

Otomata: a generative musical sequencer similar to Seaquence

Auditorium: a logic game involving light and music tons of theory drills, flashcards, and other resources. 

Noteflight: free online music notation software. print your own customizable sheet music. 

International Music Score Library Project: free sheet music of public domain works.

Metronome Online: free online metronome.

FSU College of Music Master Calendar: events and concerts at FSU. Most are free!